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Basement water seepage can be an ongoing issue that becomes just an accepted fact of spring. Water from saturated ground can find its way through any crack or seam in a basement floor and foundation. It can even soak directly through concrete. If rising ground water becomes trapped, it can build "Hydro-static" pressure, resulting in cracking and heaving.  

There is a multitude of suggested solutions out there; But the most reliable and time tested is an Interior Drain Tile System. If installed correctly, it can permanently prevent basement water seepage. Below is demonstrated, the various ways water can enter a basement and why certain approaches don't always work.

The installed drain tile will lead to a sump basin and pump system which will collect any water seepage and expel it . Many times there is an existing sump basin and pump. If they are well installed, we may be able to utilize them. If we're installing a sump and pump, we would suggest a quality cast iron submersible. This would be plumbed with a 1.25 inch PVC discharge pipe on the interior and a barbed fitting for a flexible hose on the exterior. However, we are more than happy to install any pump with any configuration you would like, so long as it in keeping with any local ordinances.

Sub-Slab Depressurization

Sub-slab Depressurization is a method to reduce soil gas entry into a basement.

By sealing the drain tile system and applying a slight vacuum with a specialized fan, we can create a negative pressure beneath the basement floor. This can dramatically reduce water vapor and soil gas intrusion. It may even completely eliminate the need for dehumidifiers. If there is a radon issue, it can reduce radon levels by up to 99%. Sub-slab depressurization Is highly effective when added to a drain tile system. See Radon Mitigation

Note: Whether installing along with a drain tile system or as a retro-fit on an existing system we will never simply glue a sump lid shut with silicone to seal up a system as many others may do. We will always use a gasket-ed lid that can easily be removed and replaced by the homeowner when excess to the sump pump is necessary.

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