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Flooding Basement ?

Basement water seepage can be an ongoing issue that sometimes becomes just a fact of spring.  Water from saturated ground can find it's way in through just about any crack or seam in a basement's floor and foundation.  Sometimes it can even soak directly through solid concrete.  If rising ground water becomes trapped under the floor, it can build "Hydro-static" pressure, resulting in cracking and heaving.  

So how do you fix it? The one most time tested and widely accepted solution, is an Interior Drain Tile System.

Radon hazards

Radon / Soil Gas Intrusion

In home radon levels are a serious concern.  Radon originates from deep uranium deposits.  When radon's decay products are inhaled they release Alpha, Beta and Gamma radiation directly into your lungs.  If you spend a lot of time in your basement and especially if you have a basement bedroom, radon levels should be checked.

Radon is second only to smoking in national lung cancer risk statistics.  However, radon levels can usually be reduced easily and at a reasonable price.   

Although radon gets most of the attention, it's not the only soil gas you may encounter in a basement.  There can be methane, hydrogen sulfide, pesticides, emissions from old land fills or chemical spills.  Water vapor is a soil gas as well.  Humidity can be lowered with a good radon mitigation system, possibly eliminating the need for dehumidifiers. 

The money saved on running dehumidifiers, will most likely outweigh the $100 a year or so in electricity to run a mitigation system.  And you may be extending your or a loved ones life.  According to the EPA the most effective Radon Mitigation method is Sub-Slab Depressurization.

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