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Flooding Basement

Basement water seepage can be an ongoing issue that sometimes becomes just a fact of spring. Water from saturated ground can find it's way in through just about any crack or seam in a basement's floor and foundation.  Sometimes it can even soak directly through solid concrete.  If rising ground water becomes trapped under the floor, it can build "Hydro-static" pressure, resulting in cracking and heaving.  Maybe you would like to finish that basement someday and increase the living space and value of your home.  Maybe this last flood was the final straw.

So how do you fix it? Although there have been many different methods proposed to solve this problem over the years, the one most time tested and widely accepted solution, is an Interior Drain Tile System.

Radon / Soil Gas Intrusion

If you spend a lot of time in your basement and especially if you have a basement bedroom, radon can be a serious concern.  Radon is second only to smoking in national lung cancer risk statistics.  However, radon levels can usually be reduced easily and at a reasonable price.  In fact a highly effective Radon Mitigation System, can be installed at the same time as an interior drain tile system.

Although radon gets most of the attention, it's not the only soil gas you may encounter in a basement. Homes build in former swamp or slew areas, may have methane.  If livestock are held or were held close to the home, there is a chance for hydrogen sulfide intrusion.  Pesticides sprayed regularly near the foundation, can find there way in.  In the city areas, there may be emissions from old land fills or chemical spills.  Water vapor is a soil gas as well, it's what lends to that "basementy feel" and it can be remedied, without running several dehumidifiers all summer. 

The same methods use to mitigate radon, will work just as effectively for most soil gases.  If the basement is now or ever will be, used as a living space, it's a good idea to think about soil gas intrusion.  Radon of course is the big worry, but even if it's simply to reduce water vapor, in the long run it may be cost effective to install a soil gas mitigation system.  The money saved on running dehumidifiers, will most likely far outweigh the $100 a year or so it costs to run a mitigation system.  And of course, there is the benefit of not having a musty basement.

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